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  • Human Cell Atlas Receives Wellcome Trust Funding

    It may have been a momentous achievement in itself, but the mapping of the human genome was always intended as the launchpad for scientific discovery not an endpoint. Now scientists are making true on that promise by taking the art of human cartography to the next level: committing to mapping every single cell type in […]

  • Biotechnology processing equipment and instruments

    Get to know High Purity New England! Looking for processing equipment and instruments of your laboratory? HPNE supplies and manufactures single-use products, connectors, tubing, components and systems to the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries. Get connected with the best of breed process equipment on the market. Get connected with a full assembly service. The end result? […]

  • Fish, Beer, and Biotech: A Tale of Two Towns From Pottsville to Grimsby

    What does a port town in the north east of England and the county seat of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania have in common? Not much on the surface of it. But dig a little deeper and you’ll start to notice similarities between the fortunes of Grimsby, England and the city of Pottsville, PA. Just ask Mark […]

  • Precision Oncology Meets AI: IBM Extends Partnership To Help Vets With Cancer

    Veterans stand to benefit from the extension of a groundbreaking program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to better sequence the tumors of cancer patients nationwide. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and IBM Watson Health announced the extension of its public-private partnership that launched two years ago as part of the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative. […]

  • Rhode Island Foundation boosts medical research in Ocean State

    Medical research in the Ocean State received a welcome boost after the Rhode Island Foundation awarded almost $340,000 in seed funding to 16 promising research projects. The Foundation, which has awarded nearly $2.5 million in medical research seed funding since 2008, said the grants are intended to support early-career researchers in Rhode Island develop projects […]

  • Why The Future Of Medicine Is Personalized

    The human genome is a magnificent thing. It contains the instruction manual for our body and influences many aspects of our lives, including how we experience and interact with our environment. Our understanding of the body’s genetic processes has grown exponentially in recent decades. Since scientists completed the mapping of the human genome in 2003, […]