Getting to know High Purity New England

Single-use, many benefits

High Purity New England supplies and manufactures single-use products, connectors, tubing, components and systems to the biotech, biopharma and pharmaceutical industries.

From buffer solutions to cell cultures, your needs are unique. That’s why we’ll assess them. In-process parts are then manufactured and acquired. The team builds your single-use assemblies. From here, we’ll provide ongoing maintenance and support to deliver continuous improvements.

Get connected with the best in class process equipment on the market. Get connected with HPNE’s 40 years’ experience. The end result? An holistic start-to-finish service which optimizes your in-process supply chain.

Results for you mean results for us.


See what our customers say about High Purity New England:

“Thanks Mike, it sure is nice to see companies do the right thing for the customer. It sure doesn’t happen to often these days.”

–The Clorox Company: July 15, 2014

“We use this product in our lab and love it. Easy to use, cost effective, and the support from TangenX is top notch. Highly recommend! ”
— Anne L., Lab Head at NovartisApril 23, 2012 

“I have done business with Mark’s company going on 10 years now. Mark and the entire HPNE team have excellent technical skills and a comprehensive understanding of our industry and its needs. When I consider my business dealings with Mark, integrity, honesty, and a straightforward approach come to mind as to how HPNE conducts business. Mark has always considered my needs as a customer to be more important than simply making a sale. This has allowed (us) to build a partnership with HPNE that goes well beyond the typical customer / supplier relationship. I feel that HPNE is a best in class supplier to the biopharmaceutical industry and I highly recommend Mark and his firm as a true strategic partner.”
— JM, Supply Chain Analyst, Genzyme: December 21, 2009

“Hi Mark,
Thank you so much for driving the tubing up to (us) from RI to save the day. After hearing that the MFR had missed shipping the silicone tubing, we thought we were in serious trouble. Once again you have shown your willingness to go way out of your way to meet our needs. Thanks again.”

     — B, Organo

“I just wanted to pass along a little information on an issue we had today.  We ran out of filters this morning due to an increase in usage. This was discovered at around 8:00 this morning. A call was made to HPNE asking for an immediate delivery by noon. We had filters by 10:30 this morning which allowed us time to process the filters for Production without any break in the process.

I was very relieved to have such a quick delivery and wanted you all to know that this is not the first time that HPNE has come through for us.

Sometimes this type of service goes unnoticed, so I figured I would pass it along.”
  — JV , Organo

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