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  • Single-use systems, tubing and connectors

    All under the auspices of ISO 9001:2015, High Purity New England designs, validates, manufactures, integrity tests and distributes: Single-use systems, tubing and connectors Single-use components Single-use assemblies Single-use mixing systems Incoming plastic FTIR analysis When it comes to single use systems and assemblies, the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries know us as R&D, process development and full […]

  • HPNE Quattroflow quaternary diaphragm pumps: product review

    Introducing HPFlowMaXX single-use and multiple-use Quattroflow quaternary diaphragm pumps, with HPNE drive and integrated fluid systems, sensors, scales and PLC. The Diaphragm Pumps tap into nature itself in order to convey extremely delicate biologically active molecules. The displacement pump mimics the human heart. The four-piston quaternary diaphragm technology generates a gentle pumping through soft ‘heartbeats’. […]

  • Explore the biotechnology world of HPNE

    Under the auspices of ISO 9001 2015, High Purity New England designs, tests, validates, manufactures and distributes single-use products, connectors, tubing, components and systems to the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries. AAV Purification Purify all serotypes and separate empty or full capsids with fast & robust throughput. Analytical and preparative. Easy scale-up. This is where we […]

  • Massachusetts Governor signs $623 million life sciences bill

    Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, has signed into law a $623 million life sciences bill. ‘An Act providing continued investment in the life sciences industry in the Commonwealth’ authorizes the state to borrow and spend up to $473 million over five years and provide tax credits of up to $150 million. The money will be […]

  • OncoQuest announces Dr. Eliel Bayever as chief medical officer

    OncoQuest Inc, a privately held cancer immunotherapy company based in Edmonton, Canada, has appointed Dr Eliel Bayever as chief medical officer. Dr Bayever has spent the past two decades in the biopharmaceutical industry, developing both biologics and small molecule oncology drugs globally. OncoQuest’s CEO, Dr Madi R. Madiyalakan, expressed “delight” at the addition of Dr. […]

  • HPNE now represents RealBio technology internationally

      Smithfield, RI— High Purity New England is now the sole distributor for RealBio Technology, not only in the US market but across the globe. RealBio’s unique bioreactor is single-use and arrives pre-sterilized, ready for immediate use in experimentation. This bioreactor replicates the natural composition, configuration and function of tissues in vitro – the result […]