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  • High Purity New England joins MassBio

    HPNE, a leading supplier of single-use systems, solutions and products to the biopharmaceutical industry, has joined MassBio. MassBio, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1985. It represents and provides services and support for the world’s leading life sciences supercluster. Mark Sitcoske, President at High Purity New England, said it was “great to be part of […]

  • GE highlights benefits of single-use technology

    Single-use technology delivers increased environmental and financial sustainability for businesses, according to GE’s director at the Ecoassessment Center of Excellence. Bill Flanagan’s comments come against the backdrop of a shift in the biopharmaceutical industry towards single-use technology. As increasing numbers of businesses turn to single-use to increase efficiency and lower costs, some highlight that the […]

  • HPNE moves forward with MasterMover

    High Purity New England is proud to announce a new partnership with MasterMover the leading manufacturer of battery-powered, pedestrian-operated electric tugs used to move heavy wheeled loads safely and efficiently. All MasterMover electric tugs are designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the highest quality standards including ISO9001 and the CE mark. “MasterMover electric […]

  • HPNE awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification

    HPNE, a leading supplier of single-use systems, solutions and products to the biopharmaceutical industry, has been awarded the coveted ISO certification. The company, which operates out of Rhode Island, is the first supplier in Northeast US to gain ISO 9001:2015. “The ISO certification is a check mark of credibility,” said Mark Sitcoske, President at High […]

  • May the HPNE Force be with you in 4 weeks

    A new hope is on the horizon for lead times on high purity products for managers in the biopharmaceutical sector. From design to use in your lab, HPNE can deliver your high purity products in 4 weeks! Fear not, this isn’t a Jedi mind trick. Van Solo made the Kessel Run in less than twelve […]

  • Plastic bioprocess containers: the argument stacks up

    Industry demand for single-use is driving life science and biopharmaceutical companies to reconsider the practicalities of stainless steel containment. ALLpaQ’s all-plastic range of stackable, collapsible, easy to clean bioprocess containers has been moulded to address these needs. Think inside the plastic bioprocess box: All the benefits of stainless steel at a fraction of the cost […]